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CVAS Meeting: May 28th

Tom Ashmore will give his SWFAS presentation Drones in Archeology at our May 28th meeting.  Drones are  quickly becoming a new and important addition to the archeologist’s tool kit.  They are fairly well known in the  university and professional world now.  This presentation will acquaint those who have not had the opportunity to experience this new technology to learn in layman’s terms just how it is being used.  He will look at the technology of these aerial vehicles and their sensors being used within the university and professional community.  He will also look at the still impressive technology available through lower costs to the avocational archeologists.  Video         examples of each technology will be shown and a live demonstration will be given at the end of the presentation.  Tom’s paper will be published in the 2016 Transactions of the 50th Regional Archeological Symposium for     Southeastern New Mexico and Western Texas.



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